Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"The Last Kiss" - an opinion

Sunday Diana, Erin and I went to see the new Zach Braff movie "The Last Kiss". For those of you who haven't seen it, Braff's character is about to have a baby with his girlfriend, he is afraid of marriage, and at a wedding he meets a college girl who makes him consider cheating.

The movie was very good and, in my opinion, realistic. Diana and Erin expressed that they didn't like it because they didn't end up liking Zach Braff's character. So, when we go to the movies, are we supposed to like the main character or is it ok to hate them and still enjoy the movie.

The film is a metaphor for relationships. Through a number of characters there is a divorce, an affair, a break up, a casual sexual relationship and a couple at a crossroads. Rachel Bilson, who plays the college love interest, has some classic lines that really bring out the stupidity of love at 19. She makes a mix tape and spouts off lines like "I don't care about before or after, I just care about now."

I recommend this movie, but when you go to see it don't expect "Garden State" because you will be disappointed. This movie offers a realistic look at love from so many different points of view that every person should be able to connect with one of the characters.

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P.S. You get to see Rachel Bilsons nips and that was worth the price of admission

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Diana said...

I did not dislike it because of my hate for Zach's character. I hated it because the movie was way too depressing, and the events made me so pissed off that I could not even enjoy it.

Thomas said...

Jess felt that same way as Diana & Erin. She didn't really care for Braff's character and also kept saying to me that it was making her "sick", meaning depressed.

I, on the other hand, felt just like Trin. I thought it exemplified how easy mistakes can be made if you aren't vigilant about making things work and communicating. It showed how little lies can snowball into big ones & overall, how each person makes choices everyday and will have to live with the effects of those choices (close to the tagline of the movie).

Overall, I think that though the movie seemed depressing through the bulk of the film, it really gives a positive outlook that people need to be held accountable for things that they do (our society usually balks about people being held accountable for things, always making excuses for why this person did something bad,etc.) and that if you work hard enough and own your actions, love can really conquer all trials.

Trinity said...

Thank goodness someone else saw that. There were so many different stages of dating/marriage that I felt made really good points.

Erin said...

It's not that I disliked the movie - it was just a little discouraging to the single gal in me. As discussed at dinner, how do you know if this seemingly wonderful man is really not so wonderful at all? What a dilemma. Sigh. Life goes on!

And you did make excellent points, Mr. Vaughn, you really did. I enjoy watching movies with you and then partaking of your insightful opinions.

Thomas said...

Don't toot Trin's horn too much, Erin. Forgive her father, for she knows not what she does... :)