Sunday, January 25, 2009

TBWCYL Day 24 - Barter Time

Today, we brought back the system of bartering. I was to barter something so that's what I did. This was easy for me but I have heard some critisism over the barter I did. I gathered some of my higher value comic books and took them into the comic book store that I work at and bartered with the owner to get a couple of issues that I wanted.

Total value of the comics I took : $24 cover price which is what I paid for them.
Total value what I got in return: $61.

Some people say that this isn't a real barter. My wife felt I should have ended up with a sheep or something. I beg to differ. I took in one product and got another. I made sure that I used the entire amount of value.

I got two issues of Amazing Spiderman, Issues 245 and 252 as well as a graphic novel. Sounds like I bartered pretty well.

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