Friday, April 21, 2006

Pavlov's Grog...gyness

So, Thomas has been discussing dreams lately so I thought I would share a couple I had last night with my audience.

So the first dream I had involved recruiting for my company. Strange? Well, not really except that the recruit in question was a large black lab. I went and picked him up from the airport and brought him to my work and myself and an unknown person were there asking him questions. We asked him his experience and the lab sat across from me speaking in perfect English. And, he was extremely qualified for the job. The interview took a turn when his animal side took over. At one point he walked up to me and licked me. He also disappeared for a few minutes and we found him asleep under a desk.

I woke up a little dazed but I finally got back to sleep. And when I did, this happened.

So, I was walking Duncan and wasn’t using a leash. Duncan usually stays right by me but today he decided to run off. He went around a fence and I started jogging to catch up to him. When I finally got over to where he was standing, I looked around the fence and saw….Woody Allen. That’s right, The Woody Allen. And what was Mr. Allen doing. Trying to steal my dog! He was tip toeing up to Duncan just as I came around the corner and when he saw me, like a cartoon, he turned around and tip toed away, as if he wasn’t acting weird at all. I pulled out my new cell phone and started taking pictures of the event and when I did, Woody didn’t like that very much. He started chasing me so I scooped up Duncan and ran. I kept my camera out and tried to hold it in front of me and take a picture of me running with Woody Allen on my heals, all the while hearing Woody yelling, “I… well I wasn’t, you see I wasn’t trying to…ah…take your dog as much as I was…ah…I was just curious of the…ah…breed”

This all being said, I have very weird dreams and these seemed to be worth sharing.

That is all,


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