Thursday, March 23, 2006

Technology Warning

The more I think about it, the more I have decided that Technology sucks. I am not trying to argue that it hasn't made life a much better thing, but at the same time have we given up too much for the perks? On a daily basis, how many times do we check our email? How many people have a cell phone? Is America not getting enough exercise because we are too busy watching TV or playing on the computer?

I absolutely love that due to advances in technology, we have better medical equipment, music, entertainment and transportation. At the same time, how much time is spent communicating through circuits instead of voices. Right now, I am using this medium to complain about it. No, the irony is not lost on me. I just think that in a day and age where identity theft, computer terrorism, and texting are some of our top priorities is an age that I despise.

Movies suck now. Is that technology's fault, Hell Yes! Computer designers have made so many advancements in movie making, and yet we can't get more than five to ten decent movies out of a year. Why, because movie makers don't put enough time into a script because they think that if they just put in those awesome special effects, they will have a good movie. Case in point: Star Wars Episodes I, II, & III. Not to mention that with the amount of movie piracy, they just don't try as hard anymore.

Looking back at the middle of the 1900s, I know that there were so many hidden wrongs. But with the "advancements" that we have today, we opened our selves up to risk and danger. Wally Cleaver never had to worry that he would get a virus if he went to the wrong website. The only virus he was getting was from Eddie Haskell, I never knew about those two.

I heard a quote on a show yesterday that seems fitting. A guy was talking about internet predators and said, "Back in my day you didn't have these problems, you knew who was a predator because they would pull up and ask you to help them look for their lost puppy!" And it's true. Now kids are getting into trouble because sick people who have always existed have a way to fulfill their fantasies.

Do I really want to go back to a time when I couldn't spend and hour playing Dance Dance Revolution and simultaneously calling anyone for free as long as they are in the Cingular family? Maybe. Because when I remember MY childhood, I think it was simpler. I had 8-bit graphics and pagers and somehow it just seems safer. Of course, I will check this site to see if anyone comments on this blog, because I feel like I have to, and that's why technology sucks!

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